Clever Classes

Here is a Description for all of the fun-filled, creativity inducing, best time your child ever had, classes that we offer ūüôā

Famous Artists: (6+)

In this class the students will explore different famous artists, their art work and their different artistic styles. Every week the students will learn about a different artist and re-create a famous work of art. Students will be encouraged to make these famous paintings their own by adding their own take on the art that they see and the styles that they will learn about. Ex: artist: Michelangelo  project: draw upside down on the bottoms of tables like he did in the Sistine Chapel.


This class will expose the children to different artists and different styles of painting and art. We will explore different mediums and techniques. Students will also work on their fine motor skills, shape and color recognition, listening skills, and following directions. This class promotes creativity and high self esteem.

My Grown-up and Me (1.5yrs-3 yrs)

This class will be an introduction for children and parents into the world of arts and crafts. We will begin with sensory (small buckets filled with rice/beans/ ect and cups, shovels, or trucks), and story time, move to warm up coloring activity, and then onto the main project that will coincide with the story. We will finish with more sensory, finger painting or play dough. There will be a new theme every week. Ex: Transportation theme, read Trucks Roll, craft: making traffic lights and painting with cars.


This class allows children to experience socialization in a comfortable environment with their caregiver at their side. This class will also offer the grown-ups to make friends and see how their children socialize as well. This class also serves as preparation for drop off classes and reduces separation anxiety. This class will introduce colors, shapes; work on fine motor and sensory play. Children will begin to learn to share, take turns, follow directions, and gain self esteem.

Crafty Creators: (3-5)

This class is very similar to the Grown-up and Me but is a drop off. The projects are a little more advanced as are the stories, but the sequence is the same.


This class works on story comprehension, re-calling details of the story, early childhood literacy as well as build listening skills and the ability to follow directions. This class promotes creativity, boosts self esteem and encourages friendships through hands on learning.

The Artful Scientist: (4-7)

This class will combine science with art! We will do a variety of science experiments and turn them into art projects. Some of the projects include making bouncy balls, baking soda and vinegar art, milk art, and many more!


Children will get a little science and a little art all in one. We will explore different reactions, color mixing, as well as multiple textures for a fun and exciting sensory experience. Children will also build listening skills, practice following directions, boost their self esteem and creativity while making new friends and socializing.