Clever Kids Yoga

I am so excited to announce the addition of Clever Kids Yoga to The Clever Crayon!!

I received my training and certification via Childlight yoga; a children’s yoga company based out of Dover, NH. I took the training at Sacred Rivers Yoga in East Hartford, CT. It was an amazing training where I met some really great people and learned so much! I am so excited to share children’s yoga with you all. The kids really enjoy it, I love it!

Much like art, yoga is a great stress reliever, self-esteem booster, and creative outlet for children. Children’s yoga also helps with concentration, positive body image, flexibility,  as well as encourages positive social interactions. Yoga for children is based on a variety of fun kid friendly themes, games, and crafts to help connect the body, mind, and breath.

The increase in standardize testing in schools puts a lot of stress on children today. The extreme exposure to media can create poor body image and low self-esteem. have your children ever had extra TV, or video game time and seemed angry or agitated? In the world we live in today it’s pretty much inevitable. Yoga can help counter act some of the negative side effects of today’s world and provide children with the means to tackle life’s many stressors and pressures.

Here are a few links explaining the benefits of yoga for children and the connection and benefit of pairing yoga with art!

I will be offering classes in West Hartford, Woodbury, West Hartford, Windsor, and Torrington. Check out or class schedule page for dates and times!

If you know of a school/pre-school/Daycare that would be interested in adding yoga to their weekly schedule please let me know!